L’ETO’s impossible honey cake (10.0)

As of late, two million whole round or square honey cakes have been sold. This is L'ETO's official description for it: L’ETO Honey cake comprises of a creamy, slightly tangy filling and coating. It tastes exquisitely dream like. The honey is barely noticeable, yet it creates the ultimate depth of taste whilst melting in your… Continue reading L’ETO’s impossible honey cake (10.0)

Croissant-Doughnut, Double Evil (9.0)

The croissant-doughnut, originally Dominique Ansel's masterpiece, was all the hype a few years ago when some people were willing to pay up to $100 for the $5 pastry in New York, or stand in line for two hours. This Mandarin Oriental version apparently has its triply layered butter and dough sizzled in a hot oil… Continue reading Croissant-Doughnut, Double Evil (9.0)