L’ETO’s impossible honey cake (10.0)

As of late, two million whole round or square honey cakes have been sold. This is L’ETO’s official description for it:

L’ETO Honey cake comprises of a creamy, slightly tangy filling and coating. It tastes exquisitely dream like. The honey is barely noticeable, yet it creates the ultimate depth of taste whilst melting in your mouth and tickling taste buds with its bee-goodness. The filling is just a little sweet and has no sourness to it; after absorbing into the cake layers, it tastes so much like a mild cream cheese frosting, good luck convincing people it is anything else.

For the record, the honey cake does taste exquisitely dream-like. And I named it “impossible honey cake” because, well, the honey really is barely noticeable, yet the flavors are so ineffably deep and blissful that it leaves an indelible mark in the memory of my taste repertoire. It definitely was one of the best desserts I have had in a decade. If you can’t find a way to buy happiness, buy this cake.

L’ETO Caffe
155 Wardour Street, London
$$, Café, Dessert