Croissant-Doughnut, Double Evil (9.0)

The croissant-doughnut, originally Dominique Ansel’s masterpiece, was all the hype a few years ago when some people were willing to pay up to $100 for the $5 pastry in New York, or stand in line for two hours.

This Mandarin Oriental version apparently has its triply layered butter and dough sizzled in a hot oil bath for seven minutes before being rolled in sugar. Once vanilla cream or chocolate ganache is injected, it’s ready to serve.

Two years after MO’s cake shop started to make the croissant-doughnut, the original-flavored one is still one of the most addictive pastries. The sugary coating and chewy texture remind me of my favorite doughnut treats from childhood. They were simple, but no less satisfying than today’s overcrowded selection of cakes and pastries that come in all kinds of flavors and shapes and colors.