Beefbar: Phenomenal steak and service (9.0)

Beefbar has a Michelin star, but that’s not why we enjoy our meals here. The steak and rib roast are top notch by any standard, and service is phenomenal all around. There is a premium to pay for well-trained, local staff who are experienced with a gentle temperament. All too often hyped-up restaurants are slacking in this department.

Monaco-based Riccardo Giraudi is the guy behind Beefbar. A quick search on Instagram and you’ll see recent posts including photos of his kids licking an ice cream or having fun on a yacht in Monaco. While Ricardo Giraudi is not the Executive Chef at Beefbar’s kitchen, Giraudi Group being a trader and importer of meat from around the world definitely has its own edge in the procurement of quality cuts of beef. That expertise is fully reflected in the quality of the steaks that finally make their way to our plate at Beefbar.

Portions are small here (perfect for us) but produce is always fresh and of good quality. Beef is their specialty, and I must say that they have some of the best rib roasts around the city. Steak naturally make an excellent choice as well. Other dishes like appetizers, pasta and dessert are all prepared to an uncompromising standard. Seating is comfortable and spacious, making it ideal for longer sit-down or business lunches alike. Be prepared to pay roughly $500 per head before beverages and service charges for lunch, and roughly $800 per head for dinner.

Food Rundown

Spanish-smoked beef ham and garlic bread, $260
Perfect. Paper-thin and the good kind of dry. Full-flavored and aromatic. Fantastic gourmet alternative to other cuts of cured meat.

Striped jack with yuzu pepper dressing, part of a $498 lunch set
Fish was fresh and delicate with a sweet and citrusy marinade. Simple but nevertheless an excellent amuse-bouche.

Homemade ricotta ravioli, part of a $498 lunch set
Comes with some small cute pieces of eggplant and candied tomato. Good. No complaints there.

Daily roast (unlimited refills), part of a $498 lunch set
I tried this first with the gravy that came along together and it was divine. I thought it was the gravy. Then I had another bite without the gravy. The roast was still every bit as flavorsome and juicy, and even a bit nutty. Roasting obviously makes the beef a little more tender, but the rib also gets a stronger flavor presumably because of the presence of bones and connective tissue in the larger roasting cut. Excellent.

Filet (tenderloin), Short horn beef from Korea, 100g, $520
Why am I still thinking about this piece of meat a few days after the meal? I am not sure. Maybe it’s the rich and beefy aroma, maybe it’s the ever so slightly sweet aftertaste, maybe it’s the rich texture that tenderloin cuts tend to lack. It’s not exactly USDA or wagyu, maybe it’s tastier than both. Maybe I was too hungry. Regardless, I have booked my slot to have this again in a week’s time.

Tiramisu, part of a $498 lunch set
Very good. Not your traditional piece of commercialized Tiramisu.


2/F, Club Lusitano, 16 Ice House Street, Hong Kong

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