LKF’s most warmly catered Steakhouse (8.9)

Buenos Aires Polo Club just has Central’s best catering team. I dare say that.

I came here without any prior information and was pleasantly intrigued by the interior and its ambiance which was cozy and privy enough to justify its name as a Club (despite it not being one, strictly speaking, just to be clear). Walls were filled with polo-related oil canvasses and the place was a golden glow. The most impressive part was the hosting team. A handful of LKF restaurants have a problem with pompous staff. Where we find genuine hospitality is where we keep going back. At BA Polo Club, every single person—from the two staff who received us at reception to the omelette chef all the way to the server who took our plates and refilled our drinks—exuded warmth and geniality.  And it is so on my first, second, third, fourth… and every visit.

That aside, food was memorably good. On weekends, there is a $398 club buffet that offers a tantalising selection of pastries and bread, fresh prawns and mussels, egg station, Sunday roast, a good range of antipasti (cold cuts, cheese and salad), as well as a couple of beautifully made cakes. Salmon was wonderfully tasty and so were the sautéed broccoli and garlic. The whole experience of having our roasted cut was ritualistic—servers came over with a board of cutting knives for selection, all of which were unique and ornate. Roasted potatoes were probably the highlight with perfectly crisp skin. 

For lunch and dinner on normal days (and dinner on weekends), BA Polo Club is a very reliable steakhouse that consistently serves serious steaks that would not disappoint any connoisseur of beef. Combine this with some of the best Argentinian wine lists in town and you have the recipe for an excellent steakhouse that is taken care of by an amazing catering team that goes above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

All in all, I would highly recommend this place, whether for brunch, pre-theatre dinners or à la carte 30oz bone-ins. I love the atmosphere and their team.

Buenos Aires Polo Club

📍7/F, LKF Tower, Hong Kong

$$$, Argentinian

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