Bedu: Great vibes and hospitality (7.8)

I miss a good shish, partly because my brain associates it as a comfort food, whether as a late night snack or after a boozy episode in the earlier years, but mostly still because spiced meat is delicious in itself. Despite having spent some time in parts of the Middle East, given how culturally diverse the region is I still don’t know what makes a middle eastern dish truly authentic, but hummus, flatbread, labneh and savory marinated/spiced meat are all high on my list of yummy foods. It’s nice that they are available at all in Hong Kong, with a dedicated team presenting the cuisine in such a way that is appealing to many locals. But even nicer is the fact that I really liked the relaxing yet positive vibes at Bedu, and everyone who served us were so genuinely friendly and helpful. While the food was more than good enough, it wasn’t so spectacular as to take our breath away, but I think it really is the combination of ambience and hospitality, plus highly affordable prices, that make Bedu a great hangout that I would likely return to. I imagine it would be a great place for some drinking in the evening.

Food Rundown

Smoky Hummus (GF) (V), $60
Absolutely delicious. Can’t help but finish it all. (I requested for the olive oil to be separated as I prefer less greasy and a fluffier, drier consistency.)

Homemade Flatbread (V), $55
Excellent with grilled spices and a little pocket. Served hot.

Chicken Skewers with garlic and pickled chilli (GF), $140
A deeply satisfying satisfying and well-marinated skewer indeed with tangy notes. The pickled chilli was a welcome accompaniment.

Rack of Lamb with red pepper labneh, $210
Flavors of the lamb weren’t as deep as I imagined so this was a little bit of a disappointment (given how good lamb typically tastes at middle eastern joints). But it was tender and not too fatty, and the fruity pairing was a delight for the tastebuds.

Pineapple Millefeuille with spiced granita and salted caramel (V), $85
An intense bomb of sweetness and buttery flakiness. Slightly too heavy for our tastes.

G/F, 40 Gough Street, Central
$$, Middle Eastern