Sichuan: Not too hot or greasy (7.0)

Taste of Chuan and Yue opened late in 2019 and specializes primarily in Sichuan and Cantonese (Guangdong) cuisines, a fairly common combination in the city as of late. As far as the Sichuan dishes are concerned, they’re pretty up to standard and would qualify as a fine dining version of an otherwise very down-to-earth cuisine. Dishes are fairly large in portion and in my view strike a reasonable balance between authenticity and catering to local preferences for less numbing, spicy and oily food. Selection of food is somewhat less imaginative, but a few dishes might be surprisingly well executed. Say, for instance, hot and sour chilli fish skin, or Sichuan dried bean curd, are both excellent appetizers that are not found elsewhere. Spicy Sichuan-style Mandarin Fish was similarly a delight, and come in small and large portions, perfect if you’d like to try a couple more dishes. A typical meal might come down to roughly $400-700 per person (alcohol excluded). Service quality is decent, but servers can be busy and somewhat nonchalant.

Food Rundown

Taste of Chuan and Yue
27/F, V Point, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
$$$, Sichuan, Guangdong